After understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both quantitative and qualitative approaches to research, it is possible that your IR team will consider using a combination of these two approaches. In fact, many IR projects use mixed methods to provide a better understanding of the problem than either a quantitative or qualitative research approach can …


Research Methods

R can use quantitative, qualitative research methods or a combination of the two. Quantitative and qualitative techniques can be said to offer a trade-off, between breadth and depth, and between generalizability and targeting to specific populations. Before you choose the most appropriate methods and design for your IR study, it is important to understand some …

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Research Design

Similar to other types of research, study designs used in IR can be interventional or observational. In an interventional research design, the researcher influences objects or situations and then measures the outcome of these manipulations. In an observational study design, the researcher observes and analyses researchable objects or situations without intervening. These non-intervention studies can …

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